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We provide GHG calcuations, consultation for emission mitigation, and a socially sustainable solution for GHG compensation.

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While adhering to the most robust international standards, we help you measure, reduce and offset your carbon footprint in a way that creates value for your company and for the environment. We also develop tech-based solutions that can redefine the way in which you approach environmental sustainability.

How Toroto

We are vertically integrated along the whole value chain of carbon neutrality.


We measure our customers’ carbon footprint using advanced methodologies. A single person or a large corporation: we can help.


Individuals and companies alike get access to our proprietary carbon management software, which helps you track and reduce your emissions.


We offset our customers’ carbon footprint through the support, development and operation of forestry carbon-capture projects that are third-party-certified.

Field projects

Soil Conservation and Restoration for the Aquifer Recharge in Hidalgo
Recharging an acuifer through reforestation and conservation efforts of soil and water bodies is not an easy task; it involves thousands of hours of work in giant extensions of land. Together with Grupo Modelo, we are operating a project that seeks to recharge 1.3 million cubic meters of water per year to one of the most important aquifers in Mexico.
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Operation of a Forest Nursery in Hidalgo
Located in the Apan Basin in Hidalgo and in an important ejido in the region, the forest nursery produces the necessary plants to carry out reforestation in the polygons of the Aquifer Recharge Program in the same region, a project carried out in collaboration with Grupo Modelo.
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Blue Carbon in Mangroves of Veracruz
This project located in the Costal Corridor of Tamiahua consists of implementing ecosystem restoration and reforestation strategies to promote biodiversity conservation in the region. We hope to achieve the establishment of nature-based solutions for the management of the lagoon. It is a project that seeks, above all, to benefit the landowners through these activities.
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Carbon Offsets in Coffee Farms in Chiapas
The main objective of this project is to protect the tropical forest through the emission of carbon credits that will be used to offset the emissions generated by the production of coffee farms. Trees and plants can capture carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, and feed on it to grow. This project consists of working with the coffee farms to increase the amount of carbon captured by their plant population. This includes the management and conservation of about 150 hectares of forest.
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Environmental Management of Micro-Watershed in Hidalgo
This project includes follow-up, monitoring, conservation and supervision of ecological restoration activities whose main objective is to contribute to the recharge of the aquifer.
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Carbon Offsets in the High Jungle of Chiapas
The aim of this project is to conserve the last remnants of high jungle in this region that are not protected under any federal or state program, ensuring that the owners of the land receive fair income for all the work that this implies.
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Carbon Offsets in Forested Ejidos of Veracruz
The objective of this project is to strengthen community models of sustainable development through activities compatible with the management, use, and conservation of the forest, as well as the customs and traditions of the inhabitants of the region. To this end, we seek to achieve an initiative that benefits the owners of the land most of all.
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Carbon Management Engineering

Purple Technology goes carbon neutral
Purple Technology's carbon footprint measurement project is proof of the need for environmental commitment from companies around the world to fight the climate crisis. Even though Toroto and Purple Technology are companies operating in different countries, it is possible to carry out accurate, comprehensive, complete, transparent and comparable inventories and emissions reports.
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Farmacias Medigen: a carbon neutral pharmacy
At Toroto we are convinced that in order to achieve carbon neutral society, the participation of all companies is necessary, no matter how small or large they are. This is how we measure the carbon footprint of three pharmacies located in Tehuacán, in which six people work.
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Coffee Farms
Agricultural activities are a major source of emissions of powerful greenhouse gases, especially nitrous oxide (N2O) and methane (CH4). Under international standards, Toroto carried out the identification and measurement of both direct and indirect emission sources for four coffee farms on more than 700 hectares.
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